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Dynamics 365 Interactive Dashboard Showing Inaccurate Data

Interactive Dashboards in Dynamics 365 are very useful and provide business insights into the data. Recently I ran into an issue where the chart counts didn’t match the stream counts. The dashboard showed the correct data on the development server, however the production server was not showing the correct chart counts compared to the stream (Grid on the left side). To be clear, the stream did show the correct counts, however the individual chart components did not.

Creating a new interactive dashboard fixed the problem, however I had end-users creating customized filters and I didn’t want to have to train them on how to recreate the filters. 

I decided to create a new solution with just the dashboard component and compare the solutions between the development copy and production copy. My handy Notepad++ compare utility showed me what’s different. Somehow during the deployment to production, the default view was pointing to a different GUID. I repackaged the solution and deployed to production and it started working again. Hopefully this will help others.

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